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Healthy Sexual Solutions

PO Box 430174

Birmingham, Alabama 35243

(205) 356-5083



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Healthy Sexual Solutions is a private counseling practice. We offer professional counseling, consultation and intervention. We provide confidential services and solutions for adults, adolescents and children regarding sexual disorders.

Our services include psychosexual evaluations, sexual interventions, and counseling and treatment for sexual addictions, sexual identity disorder, and adjudicated sex offenders. Through our professional and compassionate treatment, we seek to help restore the individual's ability to engage in healthy personal relationships.


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Policy Notes



-- Meetings with a counselor or clinician are by appointment only. 

-- Clients are expected to honor their appointment obligations and are further expected to arrive on time.


Cancellations and Missed Appointments:


-- If a client is unable to keep an appointment, he/she is expected to notify the Healthy Sexual Solutions office within 24 hours to cancel or reschedule.

-- Clients will be charged for missed appointments. 

-- Payment for missed sessions be charged at half the regular rate. 

-- If you have missed a scheduled appointment and you do not call to reschedule this appointment within 30 days, your clinician will accept this as your termination of treatment.




-- Payment is expected at the end of every month.

-- If a client has a balance of unpaid sessions, further sessions will not be scheduled until the balance is paid.

-- All outstanding payments will be turned over to a collection agency.

-- No reports or other documentation will be released to any party without all payments made in full.



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Procedural Notes

Intake: At the initial appointment, the counselor and client will discuss the presenting concern or predicating issues for which the appointment was made. The counselor will discuss with the client the manner in which Healthy Sexual Solutions will best be able to provide the kind of help needed and specify the limitations and parameters of that service.


Referrals: When Healthy Sexual Solutions is unable to provide the type of service needed or requested, an appropriate referral will be made.   


Resolution: The counseling relationship may be discontinued and sessions may be ended at the discretion of the client, unless the sessions are the result of an imposed referral or sanction. Healthy Sexual Solutions may, at any time, due to specified conditions, circumstances or actions, determine that a client is not able to benefit from the services provided and may discontinue service to that client.