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Legal Information

Alabama Sexual Offender Law
Criminal Justice Resources: Sexual Offender Laws
Sex Offender Statistics



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Sexual Addiction
Sexual Identity Disorder

Sexual Offender


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Slideshow: Profile of a Pedophile

Slideshow: Understanding Transgender Identity



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American Association for Sexual Educators, Counselors & Therapists
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
Sexaholics Anonymous
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
Healthy Sex by Wendy Maltz
Sexual Addiction Help

Sexual Recovery Institute

Gender Psychology



Sexual Addiction: All Psych Journal
What Causes Sexual Addiction: Psych Central
Sexual Addiction, Compulsivity, Impulsivity: Journal of Sex Research

Characteristics of Persistent Sexual Offenders: Journal of Counseling & Clinical Psychology

New Hope for Sex Offender Treatment: American Psychological Assn


Helpful Handouts

Transgender Information
Understanding Sex and Gender
Reparative Therapy
Sexual Orientation

Parent Advice for Transgender Kids

Relevant Websites

Safer Society: Prevention & Treatment of Sexual Abuse

Stop It Now: Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children

CDC: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

BAO: Birmingham AIDS Outreach

The Body: Complete HIV/AIDS Resource

ALGBTICAL: Sexual Orientation

SIECUS: Sexuality Information & Education Council

APA: Facts About Sexual Orientation & Youth
Everyday Health: Sexual Dysfunction
Med Line Plus: Sexual Problems
Queer Cafe: Sexual Identity Topics, Sexual Minority Issues

Wikipedia: Sexual Dysfunction

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health


Educational Pages

Sexual Addiction
Sexual Identity Disorder

Sexual Offender